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This section contains several training videos:

"Tea ceremony" - a demonstration of bunkai series from the "Sei-za" position. Sensei - Leonid Shchepkin 6 dan KIOKAY «Чайная церемония» — демонстрация серии бункай из положения «Сэй-дза». Сэнсей Леонид Щепкин 6 ДАН KIOKAY
2006, the first seminar of Leonid Shchepkin (6 dan) on the preparation for the seventh Gashuku to be held in Moscow in 2007.
Author's method of warming up before the start training (includes a universal system of warm-up all major muscle groups.)
Leonid Shchepkin 6 dan, a demonstration of bunkai (self-defense techniques), videography 1997.
Demonstration of possible scenarios for protection against attacks with a cold or firearms.


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