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14/04/2010 Interview with Leonid Shchepkin at the radio station Ekho Moskvy. The topic of the broadcast: "Karate in Russia: yesterday - a risk, today - oblivion?"

A series of articles by Alexander Lebedev devoted to Special Operations Division "Rus". Coach of the detachment has long been a master of Okinawa Goju-Ryu - Leonid Shchepkin 6 dan.

The newspaper "Pravda Kaliningrad (Kaliningradka.Ru) / Sport / article" The man who made himself "(article about coach of Leonid Shchepkin - Max Levintase - Honored coach of Russia on karate)

Newspaper "For Science", "Here I am the only physicist ..." Letter to the editor of the newspaper "For Science" Nikolai Golovko – The first coach of Leonid Schepkin

2006. Magazine "Dojo" № 2, article "Okinawa karate back in the Budokan" >>> article, >>> see video

2003. Magazine Dojo "№ 6, article" Russian special forces choose Goju-Ryu "

2002. Magazine "Dojo" № 2, article "Martial arts of Okinawa kings"

2001. Magazine Dojo "№ 8" About demonstration action of Leonid Shchepkin and his students - special forces, held in the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard "

24.12.1998 The newspaper "Kommersant" 240 (1643), article "The aggressors have not lost a single drop of blood"
                         Кубок мастера выиграл Леонид Щепкин, представлявший каратэ-Годзю-рю           Кубок мастера выиграл Леонид Щепкин, представлявший каратэ-Годзю-рю

1998. The magazine "Black waistband", the Second Moscow Festival of Martial Arts

1998. The newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, the article "Karate for SWAT"

1998. Newspaper Yamskoe field, "A day of the city in the block ... Speech by Leonid Schepkin

1997. The newspaper "Krasnaya Zvezda", the article "They got together ..."

1994. The newspaper "Red flag" article "Tyumen behind…New York is on horizon"

1993. The newspaper "Red flag", article "Back from Cape Town"

1992. The newspaper "Red flag", the article "Black waistbands of Leonid Shchepkin"

1992. The newspaper "Red flag", the article "Karate in kindergarten"

1992. The newspaper "Red flag", the article "Third in Europe"

1992. The newspaper "Red flag", the article "Knights in leather helmets"

1991. The newspaper "Red flag", article "Flight of the empty hand"

1991. The newspaper "Red flag", the article "Union of the tiger and crane"

1991. The newspaper "Red Banner", article "Karate Championship in Siberia"

4 July 1991. newspaper Kaliningrad Komsomolets "article" Second among black waistbands "

07.10.1980g. The newspaper "Kaliningradskaya Pravda”, the article “Exam at maturity"

1980. Newspaper Kaliningrad Komsomolets, article “Like a Dance – Karate”

1980. Newspaper Kaliningrad Komsomolets, the article "The Sport of strong and skilful"

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